Art and Science of Love Weekend Workshop for Couples | Calgary, Alberta 

Dr. Tanja Haley and Dr. Brad Hagen are pleased to be able to offer the Art and Science of Love weekend workshop for couples. Based upon Dr. John Gottman's four decades of research with thousands of couples, this workshop will teach you exactly what to do to foster romance and harmony in your relationship. It is not therapy, and there is no group work, public presentations, or public disclosure. It is your opportunity to spend an enjoyable weekend strengthening your relationship through engaging presentations and experiential activities that are done privately.

Along with being Gottman Certified Couples Therapists, Dr. Tanja and Dr. Brad are very skilled and experienced workshop presenters. They each offer their unique backgrounds to the Gottman weekend and have co-facilitated many of these workshops in Calgary and Lethbridge, serving over 150 couples. Their main goal is to provide you and your partner with a comfortable, enjoyable, and educational experience that will equip you with the tools you need to take your relationship to the next level.

**Both Brad and Tanja are Registered Psychologists, so a portion of the cost may be eligible for reimbursement through your extended health coverage.

Registered Psychologists are not allowed to share testimonials from past workshop attendees online, but we'd love to tell you about their feedback! You can watch this short video for more information about the weekend, or please feel free to contact us.

Who Should Attend:

If your relationship is already strong, this workshop will provide you with the tools to take it to a deeper level of connection. If your relationship is distressed, it will help to give you a greater understanding of your relationship challenges and offer a road map for repair.

What You will Learn:

In the course of the workshop couples learn how to:

  • Foster respect, affection, and closeness
  • Build and share a deeper connection with each other's inner world
  • Keep conflict discussions calm
  • Understand and manage conflict gridlock
  • Strengthen and maintain the positivity in your relationship

Topics Include:

Assessing Your Relationship:

  • Learn to recognize the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and what to do if they are attacking your relationship
  • Identify your relationship's specific strengths and how to build on them
  • Learn about the effects of physiological flooding and how it may affect conflict resolution
  • Learn small, easy steps that increase romance in your relationship and how you might use them effectively

Building a Solid Relationship House:

  • Learn how Love Maps provide a solid foundation for your relationship intimacy
  • Use the Fondness and Admiration System to renew respect and care for one another
  • Create an Emotional Bank Account that you can draw upon in times of stress
  • Develop your problem-solving skills, including the 6 skills for effective conflict resolution
  • Find out how you can make your dreams and aspirations come true for yourself, your partner, and your relationship

The Benefits of Attending the Workshop:

Participating in a full weekend workshop gives you and your partner the opportunity to learn relevant and practical information proven to foster a stronger connection. Along with the memory of re-connecting and the knowledge that “we can do this,” you will take home a box set of cards, tools, and tips to support your relationship in your everyday lives at a fraction of the cost of traditional couples therapy. Should you decide to pursue couples therapy after the workshop, you will have a head start to creating the kind of connection you and your partner really want. 

For More Information:

Dr. Tanja Haley at (403) 669-0005 or

Dr. Brad Hagen at (403) 381-6000 or