Marathon Couples Counselling

Dr. Tanja offers full-day and two-day assessment and therapy packages. These options are great for couples who want to move more quickly toward resolving specific issues, achieve significant results in a short amount of time, or whose schedules make it difficult to attend weekly therapy sessions. Please note that because of the time commitment involved, a 50% deposit is required at the time of booking any intensive therapy package.

One-Day Complete Relationship Assessment

6 hours

This assessment package is ideal for couples who want to complete the entire assessment phase of Gottman Method Couples Therapy, including receiving the results of their relationship analysis, all in one day. Completing this package enables a couple to immediately begin therapy.


90-minute relationship history interview with the couple

Two 60-minute individual interviews (one for each partner)

Analysis of each partner’s Relationship Checkup Questionnaire

Feedback on the Relationship’s Strengths and Challenges

Recommendations for Therapy

Two-Day Relationship Renewal With Assessment

12 hours

Intended for couples who are new to the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy and who want quick results, this two-day package includes the entire assessment phase as well as a full-day of therapy and skill-building. On the first day, couples complete their assessment interviews and during the lunch break the provider conducts an analysis of the relationship based on the results of the couple’s Relationship Checkup Questionnaires and interview information. After lunch, the couple receives feedback on the strengths and challenges of the relationship, as well as recommendations for therapy. Positive interventions aimed at reconnection are provided before the day ends.

On the second day, couples participate in skill-building and therapy exercises that are selected to help them make significant progress through their issues in a short amount of time.


The combination of Dr. Tanja’s certifications provides an effective and comprehensive model for helping couples create a stronger connection in their relationships

Dr. Tanja Haley is a highly experienced couples and relationship therapist.

Dr. Tanja is part of a select group of Certified Gottman Therapists in Canada, and she is also now able to offer the exclusive Love Lab assessment.

Dr. Tanja is Certified in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) as well, and she is one of two clinicians in Canada to hold both credentials.

Transform your relationship without changing your partner.

– Dr. Tanja Haley

Contact Tanja if you are interested in booking a marathon therapy package.