The Love Lab

Currently this method of assessment is only available in Alberta with Dr. Tanja Haley.

The Love Lab adds to the standard Gottman Assessment process by pinpointing the areas in your communication pattern as a couple where you can achieve the greatest growth. According to the Gottman research and specific metrics, watching couples for 10 minutes interacting about a conflict area is predictive with 90% accuracy if a couple will stay together or divorce, without intervention.

Video Recording

Bridging the Couple Chasm: A Research-Based Approach

You and your partner will record two 10-minute videos of your interactions. These videos will be put through a proprietary software program based on Gottman’s research that can analyze your communication patterns. The two recorded discussions are:

  • 1

    An Events Conversation: The first video is a recording of a 10-minute conversation about the events of the past week, and will analyze your friendship.

  • 2

    A Conflict Conversation: The second video is a recording of a 10-minute conversation about an actual area of conflict or disagreement, and will analyze your communication/conflict style.

Video Rating

Bridging the Couple Chasm: A Research-Based Approach

You will each then be asked to give a rating of how you were feeling as the two conversations progressed. The results of the “rating dial” provide powerful insights for understanding your relationship, and that information will be included in the relationship assessment.

Couples Feedback Session

After the video recording and ratings are complete, you will come together with Dr. Tanja to go through the assessment results. All of the information you have shared is summarized in a report that will bring a new understanding of your relationship and assist in formulating the goals for therapy.

A Brief History of the Gottman Love Lab

In the News

The Love Lab has been notably profiled in Blink, Malcolm Gladwell’s NYT best seller, and has been featured by Dateline NBC, BBC, The Anderson Cooper Show, TIME Magazine, and The Atlantic.

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– Dr. Tanja Haley

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