Articles by Dr. Tanja

Tanja has published many articles that have been reprinted around the world.

A Resolution for Excellence
"The difference of committing to excellence is that you are changing more than just the surface; there is a shift in how you approach everything that you do."
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Can a Couple Survive Infidelity?
"After the devastating disclosure of infidelity, intense emotions and recurrent crises are the norm. Can a relationship survive this kind of a crisis?"
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Common SENSS Stress Control
"The goal in stress control is not to eliminate stress, but to create more of a balance between your demands and coping resources."
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Emotional Equilibrium
"Emotional equilibrium is a phrase that is often used, but what exactly does it mean?"
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Relationship Tips 101
"In this article I’d like to share what the research shows as being very helpful for keeping relationships strong and connected."
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Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals
"Establishing goals invites us to look at the big picture, break it down into smaller pieces, and get started toward accomplishing our important hopes and dreams."
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